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Children's Safety

04 Jun 2018

We had a potentially serious incident yesterday involving one of our youngsters.    One of his relatives drove him to the wrong ground, dropped him off and drove away,   Fortunately he was found by an official of that Club who looked after him ensuring his safety and made contact with our Club.  One of our Officers had then to go to collect him and get him to his game (albeit very late).    May I remind all parents and/or guardians of what you were told when you joined the Club.   You must never simply drop your child/children off anywhere and drive away without first making contact with his/her team coach or manager ensuring that the game is still on and that he/she is in the correct place.  If you are leaving, you should also ensure that your child knows how to contact you in case the game finishes very early so needs transport home.   It is also a Club rule that children aged Under 9 should never be left alone without prior permission from  his/her coach or manager.

We have received complaints from our neighbouring clubs at Overton Drive that a few youngsters have been entering their premises on Friday evenings.    I would be grateful if you could speak to your child/children telling them that they must not wander off from the Cricket ground.   Whilst their going into the tennis clubs is just annoying to the players, wandering onto the Golf Course, around the pond and running around the car park is very dangerous indeed and they could get very seriously injured.

Everyone at Wanstead takes the safety of our children very seriously but we do need your assistance in keeping them secure.

Trevor Hebden

Club Welfare Officer