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Reminders about Junior Coaching

02 May 2019

Dear All,

I'd just like to draw your attention to a number of aspects that will enhance the Junior evenings and lead to a better coaching experience.

  1. Any adult not coaching is not allowed in the coaching area. The area becomes very crowded, which makes it less safe
  2.  Children not being coached should not come into the coaching area . We have a play area by the front steps , it is not supervised by the club . When children are not being coached, they are the responsibility of their parents.
  3. Juniors should not switch coaching areas unless ask to do so by coaches, it can be dangerous .
  4.  No junior should use the nets unless they are competent with a hard ball and have protective kit. We have some club kit but boys must have a protective guard ( box) 
  5.  To be eligible for nets, juniors must have reached a certain level of competence and coaches may wish to relocate them . They must be able to bowl at least 4 balls per over reasonably straight.
  6. Children should not leave the environs of the cricket club field and premises, particularly not onto the golf course or the tennis club

If the weather is doubtful, please look at the club website. If a decision is made to cancel the session, information will be posted there, and we will endeavour to email all junior members.

Best wishes,

Stuart Phillips

Head of Junior Cricket