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Safety Issue

16 Jul 2018

I am sure we are all  rightly concerned about the safety of everyone at our Club but most especially that of our juniors.   However, we had an incident at the Club last Friday evening which must not be repeated. Some adults and/or older juniors chose to have a quick net practice whilst youngsters from age 5 to 11 were being coached.  I am sure that I don't need to spell out just how potentially dangerous this is.   

Friday evenings are, and always have been, reserved strictly for Junior Coaching.   Adults may not use any of our coaching facilities or equipment on a Friday evenings whenever there are youngsters of U12 and U13 on the field of play and most definitely never during the first session (4.15 to 6.30pm).

Older juniors (Under 12 to Under 18) may of course use the nets and any of the Club' facilities after 6.30pm but with the single proviso that this must be under the supervision of one of the Club's coaches.

Please can we all use a little common sense to maintain the Club's safety record of which we should all be proud.

Trevor Hebden

Club Welfare Officer