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Howzat! - What do you think?

Sound safeguarding practice is a responsibility of all members and the families of junior members whose opinion on the way the club is managed is welcomed. Any queries or uncertainties should first be discussed with your adult team captain or for junior members their team manager or coach. Any issues of immediate concern about the welfare of a member should be raised with the Club Safeguarding Officer or a member of the Safeguarding Team, the contact points are required to be published on the club notice boards.

This facility is designed to provide a discussion forum where members can ask questions and raise any concerns. All submissions will be acknowledged with a reply. Posting of correspondence on the club website will be subject to screening to ensure that content is appropriate. You are invited to raise any issues on policy or the way it is managed.

Please send your thoughts to Niru Williams, our Club Safeguarding Officer, using the form below.

Niru will direct your query to the appropriate official in the club and then relay the response. She will not necessarily disclose your name if you indicate that you prefer to have it withheld but she will need to know your membership name to verify authenticity and she may follow it up with a telephone or text contact to you.