Wanstead and Snaresbrook Cricket Club

Wanstead and Snaresbrook Cricket Club - Boundary Board Adverts

The Management Committee of the club is always looking for opportunities to generate revenue to maintain and indeed improve the financial position and standing of the club. One of the ways to generate revenue is to sell space along the outfield boundaries to enable businesses to advertise on boundary boards.

Businesses are invited to advertise on boundary boards mounted on to the fences around the Overton Drive ground.

The cost is then as follows with the option of flexible payments:

  • 3 Year sponsorship package £1200  + VAT  (£400py)
  • 2 Year sponsorship package £900 + VAT   (£450py)
  • 1 Year sponsorship package £500 + VAT   (£500py)

The advertiser is responsible for the cost of the manufacture and installation of the board.The boards are Alumimium Composite and are 3mx1m or 6mx1m.

The advertisements on the boundary boards will be seen by thousands of people who visit our grounds. This would include players, friends, family and other visitors to private functions arranged in the clubhouse.

Club members and visitors should consider this opportunity to advertise their businesses at very competitive rates whilst also supporting the club in its efforts to generate revenue.  This offer is open to members’ families and friends and to the general public as well.

Kindly contact Martin Pluck (Chairman) to secure your space or to obtain further information.