Wanstead and Snaresbrook Cricket Club




Sunday 21 August, 2011

Wanstead v Woodford Green at Overton Drive Friendly 20 overs

      On a damp steamy morning Zain Piracha won the toss and wisely decided to bowl. We were down to 8 players(happens sometimes!) so there were gaps everywhere in the field. Zain and Abdullah Muhktar started tightly, Abdullah's 2nd over a maiden and Zain hitting the stumps.  Talib Mirza followed up with two beautiful overs of leg spin also getting a wicket, bowled. The middle order bowlers struggled for length and direction and the batters were getting away from Wanstead, with the wide spaces in the field in which Zain struggled to spread his fielders. We now had a series of tight overs from Ibrahim Iqbal

Abdullah Muhktar, Talib and a good last over from Abdullah Akbar which cost just 2 runs. 141 looked a good score. 

    Now the sun was out and the pitch and outfield had dried out a bit and Zain and Abdulla Akbar powered us away racing to 50 in the first five overs before being retired. Abdullah Mukhtar started slowly but looked confident. Talib swung across the line to a straight one and Henry Horne came in looking a bit nervous but gradually seemed to find his feet and started hitting some good shots.  Rafey Mukhtar hit a powerful four and looked set for great things but was well caught at cover. Last pair Ibrahim and Che Cooper took good sharp singles and Ibrahim paddled a couple of smart leg side fours to bring us close. On the brink Ibrahim went for a big hit and was caught to bring Zain back. Now we needed four to win. Che was facing, he got a beamer and crashed it over the scorers for six. He came off with probably the biggest smile seen at Wanstead CC this season. Another good win for Wanstead and another brilliant match!

Woodford Green


b Talib


4 4's


b Zain


2 4's




6 4's


not out


3 4's


not out


1 4

extras w45

 nb6b11   62

Total 2wkts

20 overs 141

Zain 2-0-1-9



Zain Piracha



4 4's

Abdullah Akbar retd


5 4's

Abdullah Mukhtar b Vinay                              15

2 4's

Talib Mirza

b Yousef


Henry Horne rted


1 4

Rafey Mukhtar c?bNathan


1 4

Ibrahim Iqbal c? b Alfie


2 4's

Che Cooper not out


1 6

ex w22nb20b2lb1              45

Total 4wkts

18.2 overs146



Monday 15th Aug Wanstead v Woodford Wells  at Overton Drive
(Last match of Junior Cricket Week's Monday Tournament)  
14 overs

     After Tom West went quickly run out  Abdullah Akbar got Wanstead away to a stunning start and in no time at all was retired. After this we lost quick wickets as the middle order struggled against some good bowling until Monam Abbas got the score moving again with some hard hitting until he was run out. New batsman Brandon Lord immediately put bat to ball and was retired as quickly as Abdullah had been. Last batsman Junaid was run out which meant Brandon and Abdullah returned and both took up where they had left off, hammering fours all around the field and running brilliantly between the wickets. Both hit sixes in mid innings. They both raced to 50’s at which point they were again retired and Jasmine and Tom West had another knock. Jasmine hit a four and Tom hit 2 4’s and a six to take us up to a formidable 161.

      We thought Woodford would get nowhere near this but the runs rapidly mounted thanks to a good opening partnership which was broken by Tarunveer Semhi taking two wickets in an over both bowled. But now Jabears and James took over, punishing some wayward Wanstead bowling  until Tarunveer once more got in the act, casually taking a great catch at long off to a real skier. He never looked like dropping it. Now next batter Payne hit 4466 to bring Woodford close but Robin Das and Tom West bowled tight overs. With 15 needed off the last over Monam Abbas kept it tight after giving a wide and four off his first two balls to see us home. What a brilliant match it had been, Abdullah and Brandon’s excellent batting pleasing everyone except the Wells bowlers!


Abdullah Akbar not out


6 4's 2 6's

Tom West

run out


2 4's 1 6

Jasmine b Jabears


1 4

Farah b Saja


Louis Luck c? b Gunn


Monam Abbas run out


1 4

Junaid Ali run out


1 4

Brandon Lord not out


7 4's 4 6's


total 5 wkts 14 overs 161

Woodford Wells

Sanjan b Tarunveer


2 4's

Mortlock b Tarunveer


1 4

Jabears not out


4 4's

James rtd


3 4's

Bull rtd


4 4's

Payne rtd


2 4's 2 6's

Theo ct Tarunveer b Robin


1 4

Max not out


1 4 1 6

ex 47

3wkts 14 0vers 157

  Remember the indoor league? Watch for a round up of Fairlop 2011

It’s been an outstanding indoor campaign for Wanstead C but the match on Friday 25
th Feb against West Essex topped the lot.

    We batted and Tom West and Louie Collins started brightly but both went quickly, Louie run out, a tight decision and Tom bowled by a straight one after looking very dangerous. 

Now Mustafa Kidiya who has hardly played any cricket this winter, football the problem, got going quickly. Mustafa likes hitting over the leg side but soon realized it’s not a good idea indoors as it’s such an easy catch off the net walls and began hitting along the ground to the walls. With Manvir Gakhal getting himself in at the other end with some careful batting the score was mounting rapidly. Mustafa was retired (25 retirement) and Tarunveer Sehmi j

oined Manvir and the running which had been very good stepped up as Tarun snapped up quick runs at every opportunity as well as hitting the ball hard into gaps Manvir was retired after a very intelligent innings in which he never let the field settle.

  Mustafa returned and now the pace picked up even more as he and Tarun ran between the wickets like bullets. There was a comedy moment when they were both stranded at one end but Tarun made a dash for safety and amazingly got in. With the score rocketing along Tarun was retired which  brought in Tahla Choudry who was run out, another very close one , after a bright start. W Essex misery in the field was heightened as  Manvir returned and moved up a gear in the last overs, hitting the ball with power including a six in the last over. Mustafa just had time to reach an excellent 51 not out before the innings ended at a very healthy 156-3. This was a very good batting performance as there were minimal dot balls, the ball constantly being worked into gaps, and the running  keen and controlled. It is our best of the season, beating the 147-3 we made in the last game in which Tarun and Manvir had also made good scores.

    West Essex had no chance of getting close after Tom  West, bowling fast and straight took two early wickets, both bowled. Mustafa followed up his excellent batting by backing Tom up with two tight overs and Wanstead’s sharp fielding meant W Essex couldn’t find a run anywhere.

    Tarun and Talha kept up the pressure, Talha bowling some real pace. Manvir and Louie tidied up at the end, Manvir bowling a maiden and Louie bowling a tight last over. 

Throughout the innings  the fielding had kept W Essex locked up. Only a sprinkling of wides kept their score moving.

      This whole game was a coaches dream, sensible batting with sharp decisive running between the wickets and precise keen fielding backing up some accurate bowling. What more can you ask? Behind the stumps Tom and Manvir shared the job and both excelled. The only blemish was two dropped catches and a few more wides than one could wish. But who wants wides? Only the batting side! Certainly not the bowler!

    Two things which really pleased me.  Tahla, fielding for W Essex as they were one short desperately tried to run Mustafa out. Louie, backing up under pressure accurately underarmed the ball to the stumps instead of hurling it and giving away overthrows.

     So well done Wanstead C!

Wanstead C  156-3 (Mustafa Kidiya 51 not , Manvir Gakhal 36 not, Tarunveer Sehmi 26 not, Tahla Choudry 11, Tom West 9)

West Essex 58-3 (Tom West 2-8)  

This 156 is the 2nd highest score so far in the division and our 147 of last match is the 3rd highest