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Dear Members and Club Supporters.

We are fortunate to have two grounds in a popular residential area so near to London. Our prime focus is on recreational cricket, but we also share the facilities, where practical, and do our best to keep them well maintained and accessible. The number of local families who visited ‘the place to be’ on Friday evenings last summer is an example of community togetherness.

None of what we do is possible without voluntary support from our members. We can never have enough high-quality supporters. Some volunteers put in many hours but not all tasks are lengthy ones nor do many of them require a knowledge of cricket. While the club is shut, we are looking to put together a ‘skills database ’ so please  let us know if for example you can contribute a few hours of computer input time or other expertise to a one-off project.  There is absolutely no obligation if you express some interest. Len Enoch is coordinating this initiative so please contact him – lgenoch43@gmail.com.  I know you will give him as much support as possible.

Yours, Martin Pluck, Chairman

The Wanstead Cricket Coaches, the Accreditation Scheme and ‘Young Coaches’


I am pleased to announce an important development your Management Committee has recently agreed.  Its purpose is to formalise and extend many of the procedures your club follows to ensure that we identify and develop coaches for the requirements of our members and in particular junior members, the school and borough programmes. 


Open to all members from 14 years and over, accreditation will be expected of all coaches and for trainee coaches and will be a requirement for club sponsorship on ECB approved coaching courses which might be at level one or level two.  It therefore provides a pathway to taking approved ECB coaching courses which form an important part of the club’s coach development programme. 


Accreditation criterion will involve the following:

  • A minimum 30 hours coaching and demonstration of practical coaching and or team management skills.
  • DBS clearance
  • .Attendance at approved first aid and child protection courses, external or which the club runs and finances.  Except with permission from the club’s Welfare Officer no volunteer will be permitted to attend these club financed courses unless they are on the club’s accreditation scheme or are established club volunteers and are renewing
  • .Attendance at club’s on-going training on topics which might include team management, net management, video analysis and  other technical skills, umpire, tactical and captaincy and other workshops.

Young Coaches- junior members over the age of 12-are encouraged to take up coaching under   supervision of experienced coaches. This is not only beneficial in supporting the development of younger club members but it is an important part of character building and the learning of leadership skills.  Your club is always willing to write character references for school entry and job applications. We regularly work with schools in relation to sports GCE’s and support DoE programmes.  Juniors from 14 years and older are able to progress to the club’s Accreditation scheme

The club will maintain a database of coaches and members on the scheme and their progress. This information will only be shared with third parties with the permission of members including parents of members under the age of 18 years.

The club has the right to request any member to leave the scheme and to terminate the scheme at any time. The running of courses and sponsorship on ECB approved courses is conditional on the club having sufficient financial resource. It reserves the right to request members to make a financial contribution towards the costs involved.

All coaches including scheme members are expected to be punctual and well presented with an appreciation of the responsibilities involved in representing the club. They are expected to follow coaching ‘best practice’.

The club also allows its coaches to provide private coaching at the club’s premises when requested and is happy to recommend coaches. This is only permitted when the following conditions are satisfied (i) the club is not contractually involved and the arrangements are agreed between the coach and the client (ii) the coach is appropriately qualified and makes appropriate insurance arrangements, for example membership of the Coaches Association (iii) the coach provides at least 10 hours weekly voluntary club  support (iv)club activities are given priority to private coaching and (v) the approval of the Head of Junior coaching  is required.


Anyone interested in becoming a club coach and joining the scheme should contact Dave Ramdial, head of coaching, or Len Enoch, volunteer co-ordinator


Stuart Phillips, Head of Junior Cricket, Management Committee, November, 2015

The Friends of Wanstead Cricket Club

This initiative was started in 2008, and we are already grateful to 
Mike Mead, Gordon Bent and Bill & Maureen Fretwell for their generous contributions.

Can you help?

Click on this file name for more:   Friends of Wanstead and Snaresbrook Cricket Club.pdf

Thanks and best wishes

Martin Pluck
Club Chairman