Outdoor Bingo - Tues 4th Aug

Come along and play Outdoor Bingo this Tuesday, 4th August.
Eyes down 7 to 7.30pm
See you there.
Cricket Week 2020

I am delighted that Cricket Week will happen this year.

Monday 3rd August, Juniors’ Day

Tuesday 4th August, 1pm vs. Essex & Kent Touring XI (40 overs match)

Wednesday 5th August, 1pm vs. M.C.C. (40 overs match)

Thursday 6th August, Slow Coaches

Friday 7th August, 1.30pm vs. President’s XI (40 overs match)

The bar will be open all week!

Adult & Junior Training

We now have a revised schedule for Adult and Junior Squad Training as follows:

Monday         1 to 3pm - U11 nets
                    6pm onwards – U14/U15/16s

Wednesday   6pm onwards – Adult Men

Thursday       1 to 4pm - U13/U14 girls
                     4 to 5pm - U9/U11 girls
                     6pm onwards – Women

Friday            3 to 3.45pm – U7s
3.45 to 4.30pm – U8/U9s
4 to 6.30pm – U10/U11s
6.30pm onwards – U12/U13s

Bar Opening Time Changes
With the return of Slow Coaches matches this week, the bar opening times are changing. From this week onwards the bar will be open on Tuesday nights rather than Monday nights.
Net Usage at Weekends

As the season has now started, we are adjusting the net usage at weekends as follows:

The nets will be CLOSED while Adult and Junior matches are in play and should NOT be used at all at these times.

On Saturday mornings the nets will be used by the adult teams for pre match preparation on a non-bookable basis i.e. just turn up if you are playing. When the 1st XI are at home they will take priority.

Cricket is back!

COVID Risk Assesment

Following a Risk Assessment, the club is satisfied that it will  meet the requirements of  the ECB RETURN TO CRICKET PLAN FOR STEP 4.  Below is a summary of the key points of the plan. If you want to read the whole ECB document Click on ECB Plan. if you want to see the club’s Risk Assessment Click on Risk Assessment
For all activity, the relevant UK Government social distancing guidance should be adhered to at all times (including throughout warm-ups) except in the following limited circumstances during competitive play where social distancing of 1m+ is permitted: 1) wicket keepers standing up to the stumps and 2) distance between slip fielders.

Prior to all cricket activity

• Personal hygiene measures should be carried out at home before and after cricket activity.

• Participants should bring their own hand sanitiser and maintain strict and frequent hand hygiene measures at all times.

• The clubhouse and changing rooms will remain closed. Please arrive in your cricket gear.

• Club representatives should make all participants aware of the increase in transmission risk associated with partaking in even socially distanced group activity and should ensure that all participants are clear that they are opting to participate in cricket activity.

During all cricket activity

• Cricket activity must take place outdoors only.

• 11-a-side cricket ( or smaller numbers often favoured for junior cricket ) can return as long as groups are limited to a maximum of 30 participants, including coaches and officials.

• Participants should enter the site and prepare their personal equipment whilst maintaining social distancing.

• Where possible players should limit sharing of equipment. If they do, they must practise strict hand hygiene before and after use and the equipment must be cleaned before use by another person.

• No sweat or saliva is to be applied to the ball at any time.

• All participants should sanitise their hands prior to the start of the activity.

• Hand sanitiser should be used at all breaks in activity and prior to consuming any food or drinks.

• Players should refrain from spitting or rinsing out their mouths.

• Individuals should bring their own food and drink for ‘teas’ or practice. Water bottles or other refreshment containers should not be shared.

After all cricket activity

• All participants should sanitise their hands after the completion of activity.

• A ‘hygiene break’ should take place every six overs or every 20 minutes, whichever is sooner, in which the ball is cleaned with an anti-bacterial wipe (conforming to BS EN 14476), which the club will provide, and all participants’ hands are cleaned using a suitable sanitiser. This routine should also be followed at the start of any drinks break or the close of an innings. The responsibility for sanitising the ball during the match will lie with the fielding captain (or manager for junior cricket matches)  not the umpire.

• Batters to sanitise their bat when leaving the field of play and Wicket Keepers should sanitise their gloves.

• Bowlers should not hand any personal items to the umpire. Bowlers should place these items at the boundary themselves.

• Batters are to run in distinct running lines to ensure they are not within 2m of the bowler or other batter. Lines to be marked on the square on either side of the wicket.

• Social distancing must always be maintained including during post-wicket celebrations, drinks breaks and tactical discussions.

• Minimise sharing of the ball in a match by limiting contact as the ball makes its way back to the bowler e.g. ball goes straight from wicketkeeper to bowler instead of around surrounding fielders.

• In the event of rain, participants should return to their own vehicle to maintain social distancing if there is insufficient outdoor cover from the rain to maintain social distancing.

Your full co-operation is essential

Members and visitors will notice several important changes  as a result of the  ECB Return to Cricket Plan For Step 4. For example, to reduce the risk of misunderstanding, match times -which will allow for warm ups- departure times and match formats will be agreed beforehand. A club official will be appointed to supervise the event. Food and drinks must not be consumed in the club pavilions  and there will be signage to ensure social distancing including for access to toilets. Please help Wanstead Cricket Club  preserve cricket in the safest possible environment

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Essex County for their valid support and community presence during these difficult times

Martin Pluck, Chairman.

The Bar Is Opening

Following recent Government announcements, we will be opening the bar at Overton Drive and serving drinks from Saturday 4th July. There are stringent terms for the opening for bars as well as track and trace requirements and the plan is the following:

-          Only the bar lounge will be open. We will have the main doors open and people will enter on a “one-in-one-out” basis. One person will go to the bar to purchase drinks and no-one else will enter the pavilion until that person has left.

-          People must consume their drinks outside, maintaining social distancing.

-          Payment should be by card only, where possible.

-          Only registered members with membership cards can purchase drinks. If you already have a membership card, please bring it with you and Lynn will reregister it. If not, Lynn will register a card for you. If you have not yet registered you can do so at Adult Registration

-          The main toilets will remain closed. The disabled toilet at the end of the pavilion will be open, which you will be able to enter through the door behind the scorers’ hut. Again this will be on a “one-in-one-out” basis.

-          Hand sanitisers will be available, but please bring your own hand sanitisers if possible.

-          Weather permitting, the opening times will be as follows:

Saturday 12-8pm

Sunday 12-6pm

Tuesday 6-9pm

Wednesday 6-9pm

Friday 5-9pm

Changes to Nets Usage and Group Training

The following apllies.

1. All four nets can be used. The booking system will remain the same.

2. The portable net will be available for all small group supervised training sessions, but ONLY for these sessions.  The portable net must NOT be used any other time and must not be used if the pitch is at all damp.

3. Adult Training on Wednesday evenings will be available for all registered Adult Members over the age of 16, not just the 1st XI. The nets will be block booked from 6pm. For numbers’ management and track and trace regulations people must NOT just turn up. If you wish to attend email Faris Bhatti at farisjb28@gmail.com .

To book a net you need to register click on WCC Net Booking System. The above activities are only available to registered members. If you have not done so already you can do so at Adult Registration or  Junior Registration 

All the terms and conditions remain the same. See Nets Usage T&Cs and Group Training T&Cs to remind yourselves.

A big thank you to the small working party, which did a great job renovating a number of the benches last Saturday.
Stuart Interviews Nav Dwivedi

This week Stuart Phillips, Head of Junior Cricket at Wanstead & Snaresbrook Cricket Club, interviews Nav Dwivedi one our young first team players.

We will look to post a new video here every week and you can find this and previous videos on the Wanstead Cricket Club YouTube channel:

or on our website here.

Please feel free to provide feedback on the videos via your team manager or Stuart.

Dear Cricket Friends,

Last weekend was to have been the opening weekend of the season. Our club is sadly closed. We are only too aware that many of our members and their families are key workers, a number working for the NHS, some in Intensive Care wards directly with seriously ill CoVid-19 patients. It is a small thing, but as a note of sincere thanks and recognition to all of them and everyone else working in the NHS, we have changed our logo. We will change it back when the season starts.

 #SupportTheNHS #StayHomeSaveLives 
Junior Registration

New members are now able to register for membership using the same link as existing members, Junior Registration  .

The club appreciates that many members are under severe financial pressure. Paying the club subscription may be a strain on limited resources. If this is the case but you wish to register your child then please either contact Martin Pluck or me as the Management Committee have given us the authority to discuss this sensitive issue with individual members.

With best wishes and the hope that we may get some cricket eventually,

Stay safe,

Stuart Phillips

Head of Junior Cricket

2020 Captains and Vice Captains

Next season’s captains and vice captains:



Vice Captain

1st XI

Joe Ellis-Grewal

Kishen Velani

2nd XI

Jay Williams

Jack Lord

3rd XI

Nofal Raja

David Sacree

4th XI

Faris Bhatti

Tom Wright

5th XI

Sam McGrath

Anish Patel

6th XI

Dave Ramdial

Chris Ley

Ladies XI

Saba Nasim

Nehal Dave


New Boundary Board Sponsors
We would like to thank Forest School and T-Space Architects for their sponsorship of boundary boards at Overton Drive. It is great to have more local businesses supporting us.
T-Space are excellent local architects with all sorts of high class domestic remodelling and new build credentials.

Jack Petchey Achievement Awards

Congratulations to the following junior members for being selected to receive Jack Petchey Awards for the period September to November 2019. 

Hassan-Ali Iqbal               Age 15

Krishan Arawwawala         Age 16

Anjali Mistry                     Age 12

We are grateful for the generous support the Jack Petchey Foundation provides to us and the local community. 

Discount at The Lane for members

Members can pick up their membership cards any Sunday afternoon from Lynn.
2019 Award Winners

Congratulations to all those that received awards at the Adult Presentation Evening

1st XI
Batsman of the Year     Tom Cummins                
Bowler of the Year         Navi Dwivedi                   
Player of the Year          Robin Das                        
2nd XI
Batsman of the Year      Bilal Patel                         
Bowler of the Year         Haaris Raza       
Player of the Year          Jack Lord                          
3rd XI
Batsman of the Year      David Sacree     
Bowler of the Year         Joel Morris-Ley
Player of the Year          Robert Sebastian 
4th XI
Batsman of the Year       Pavan Patel                     
Bowler of the Year          Callum Fleming               
Player of the Year           Nofal Raja         
5th XI
Batsman of the Year       Alan Lord           
Bowler of the Year          Jonathan Mudhoo
Player of the Year           Harith Wajid     
6th XI
Batsman of the Year       William Davies 
Bowler of the Year          Yash Shah
Player of the Year           Isaac Roe
Ladies XI
Batsman of the Year      Mariam Hassan
Bowler of the Year          Madiha Sattar
Player of the Year          Zainab Khan   

Management Committee Minutes

Minutes from the 9th December 2019 management committee meeting here and the March 2019 AGM here.

Keatons renew their sponsorship for another 4 years!

We are delighted to announce that Keatons, the local estate agents, have agreed to be lead sponsors of the club for another 4 years. We are immensely grateful for their generous support of the club.

If you are thinking of buying, selling or renting a property then make sure you contact their Wanstead office (020 3728 7788) and tell them that you are member of the club.

Sri Lanka Tour 2018 Photos
A selection of photos of the amazing tour to Sri Lanka.
Club receives ECB Clubmark accreditation for another 3 years

Fantastic news, the club has received ECB Clubmark accreditation for another 3 years.

ECB Clubmark is an accreditation scheme for cricket clubs and shows that a club is sustainable, well run and provides the right environment for its members. Clubmark accreditation also means your club is recognised as a safe, rewarding and fulfilling place for participants of all ages, as well as assuring parents and carers that they are choosing the right option for their young people.

To obtain accreditation, clubs are asked to provide evidence that they meet a series of criteria. This is done by loading evidence onto an online portal and by demonstrating good practice at a site visit conducted by an allocated Club Support Officer. Special thanks must go to Trevor Hebden who put in over 200 hours of work on this!

2018-22 Development Plan

A committee under the chairmanship of Matloob Piracha and Len Enoch has prepared a report following a comprehensive members’ survey.  I would like to thank them for all their hard work. Click on the link below to read the report.

By most measures your club has achieved a high level of success over many years. Its progress in adult, women and junior cricket and its exciting community initiatives are widely admired; Wanstead is widely regarded as one of the best cricket clubs in the country.

So what areas can be improved, what steps are necessary to meet the changing environment for recreational cricket. Where do we go from here?

I hope you enjoy reading the report. Matloob, Len or I will do our best to answer any queries you have,

Martin Pluck, Chairman 

Wanstead CC 2018-22 Development Plan.pdf


GDPR Policy

New data protection legislation came into force on 25th May 2018, which regulates the use of personal data stored. The personal information that members provide to the club will be held electronically and used solely for club activities. This may be shared with team managers, team captains in adult sides and Club Officers to manage members’ registration and participation in games as well as notifying you of club events. A member’s name may appear on the club website as part of managing fixtures and reporting results. Members’ data may be disclosed to other cricket authorities, as necessary, for cricket purposes only. Members have the right to see what data the club has recorded about them, can ask for any incorrect or incomplete data to be corrected or can request that personal data be removed. They can also opt out of receiving information from the club by email, telephone or SMS.


Message from Essex CC Welfare Officer

Dear Sir / Madam

In recent months we have been made aware of and seen a number of emails, texts, what's app messages and other social media messages which have been sent to numerous people involved in cricket in the county and are potentially detrimental to individuals and the game.   

We would like to remind you that if you receive any communication that you think may be inappropriate, please do not respond to it but instead forward it or report it to the county welfare officer Phil Knappett at safeguarding@essexcricket.org.uk.

If you feel threatened by any of the communications or in any other way or situation, then please contact the Police on 101 or if the threat feels immediate then ring 999. Please then follow this up to safeguarding@essexcricket.org.uk too.

If you have any further comments or concerns again please contact safeguarding in the first instance.


Phil Knappett,

Essex Cricket County Welfare Officer


Club Welfare Policy and Practice

You are likely to be aware of recent adverse press coverage on child abuse in sport. At our recent Management Committee meeting I was instructed to reassure you that we have always and will always follow 'best practice' by adopting or exceeding  recommended guidelines. These requirements cover all aspects of the club including the football section.

Full details of policy and practice are contained in the club's Conduct and Child Protestation Policy which is available on our website, www.wanstead.hitscricket.com (follow left hand links via 'Junior Information').

The following summary may help to explain how we address this responsibility:
   - Welfare is the responsibility of the Management Committee which is required to approve policy and to appoint a Welfare Officer, who is a full committee member, with authority to manage all welfare issues and report to Committee members
    - Policy reflects the requirements of the relevant sporting bodies and practical issues such as safety, use of dressing room facilities, cameras and social media. Policy is continually reviewed and regularly updated on the advice of the Welfare Officer.
   - As well as approving policy updates the Management Committee is required to approve membership of a Panel of members recommended by the Welfare Officer to support the welfare process. These Panel members are the 'eyes and ears' of the Welfare Officer  through high availability presence (for example Lynn Rising who serves in the club house during busy junior events and Adnan Akram and Martin Pluck, who provide an important link in the introduction of juniors to adult cricket, are panel members). Some panel members have specific responsibilities, for example in ensuring compliance of volunteer police checks and attending safeguarding and first aid courses and monitoring policy and best practice developments.

Our current Welfare Officer is Trevor Hebden who is highly approachable. Trevor can be contacted in confidence on O7957 620075. As your club Chairman I am also available. Should you feel the need to contact me, my number is O7747 118790.

We want to maintain a safe environment for all members to enjoy their sport. We were one of the first clubs to obtain Clubmark, the sport accreditation scheme for community sports clubs, and we continue to recognize the importance of safe welfare practice.

Best wishes,

Martin Pluck, Chairman,  on behalf of the Management Committee, 1st December 2016

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Latest results
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 84 items in 21 pages
Date: Sat 01 Aug 2020
 1st XIHarold Wood CC Won by 8 wkts
 2nd XIWalthamstow CC 1st XI Won 8 wickets
Date: Sat 25 Jul 2020
 1st XIColchester & EE CC Abandoned
 2nd XIEpping CC 1st XI Abandoned
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So go to https://www.easyfundraising.org.uk/causes/wandscc/ and join for free.

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Senior Fixtures
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Date: Tue 04 Aug 2020
 Cricket WeekEssex & Kent Touring XIHome (Wanstead and Snaresbrook Cricket Club Overton Drive) 1pm
Date: Wed 05 Aug 2020
 Cricket WeekM.C.C.Home (Wanstead and Snaresbrook Cricket Club Overton Drive) 1pm
Date: Fri 07 Aug 2020
 Cricket WeekPresident's XIHome (Wanstead and Snaresbrook Cricket Club Overton Drive) 1.30pm
Date: Sat 08 Aug 2020 (Showing 1 of 6 items. Group continues on the next page.)
 1st XIBillericay CCHome (Wanstead and Snaresbrook Cricket Club Overton Drive) 12.30pm
Junior Fixtures
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Date: Wed 05 Aug 2020
 BU13sIlford Away ( Valentines Park - (Rear of Cricket Pavillion), Cranbrook Road, Ilford IG1 4XF) 4.30
Date: Thu 06 Aug 2020
 BU13sOakfield ParkoniansHome (Fairlop Oak Playing Fields) 17:00
Date: Fri 07 Aug 2020
 BU15sUpminsterHome (Nutter Lane) 17:00
Date: Sun 09 Aug 2020 (Showing 1 of 7 items. Group continues on the next page.)
 BU09sAztecsHome (Wanstead and Snaresbrook Cricket Club Overton Drive) 09:30
Latest results
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Date: Sun 02 Aug 2020
 BU13sWest Essex CANCELLED
 BU16sNewham Won 152 runs
Date: Sat 01 Aug 2020
 1st XIHarold Wood CC Won by 8 wkts
 2nd XIWalthamstow CC 1st XI Won 8 wickets
What's On at Wanstead
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02 Aug @Wansteadcc profile picture Wansteadcc @Wansteadcc
Wanstead and Snaresbrook Cricket Club BU16s 246 for 6 beat Newham 94 for 10 https://t.co/0B4oEdGe0Z

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01 Aug @Wansteadcc profile picture Wansteadcc @Wansteadcc
Wanstead and Snaresbrook Cricket Club 2nd XI 143 for 2 beat Walthamstow CC 1st XI 142 for 10 https://t.co/xMPDxYCeNd

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01 Aug @Wansteadcc profile picture Wansteadcc @Wansteadcc
Wanstead and Snaresbrook Cricket Club 2nd XI 143 for 2 lost to Walthamstow CC 1st XI 142 for 10 https://t.co/xMPDxYCeNd

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01 Aug @Wansteadcc profile picture Wansteadcc @Wansteadcc
Wanstead and Snaresbrook Cricket Club 1st XI 169 for 2 beat Harold Wood CC 165 for 11 https://t.co/FzULBRDhME

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01 Aug @Wansteadcc profile picture Wansteadcc @Wansteadcc
Enormous congratulations are due to long standing junior (from about age 8) and ex-first team player Feroze Khushi… https://t.co/xCAZrairf9

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28 Jul @Wansteadcc profile picture Wansteadcc @Wansteadcc
Wanstead and Snaresbrook Cricket Club 1st XI v Colchester & EE CC match abandonded https://t.co/KS4PjnImAc

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25 Jul @Wansteadcc profile picture Wansteadcc @Wansteadcc
RT @AlexBurton141: Score books looking a bit soggy today, match abandoned due to rain 😕🌧 @Hutton1864 @Wansteadcc pic.twitter.com/R34lXaIVaY

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25 Jul @Wansteadcc profile picture Wansteadcc @Wansteadcc
Wanstead and Snaresbrook Cricket Club 2nd XI v Epping CC 1st XI match abandonded https://t.co/wXf4aqaxPf

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