Wanstead and Snaresbrook Cricket Club

Wanstead and Snaresbrook Cricket Club - Green Heron Progress Report

 Wanstead & Snaresbrook CC Green Forum – Progress Report including Environmental Protocol

1. The current extreme weather temperatures remind us that climate change is a clear and present danger, and something needs to be done to tackle the problem. Since micro behaviour has macro implications, your cricket club announced at the AGM its intention to initiate a green agenda, under the umbrella of a Green Forum.  This communication to members provides a progress report. We have made a start with plenty of ideas and the following Environmental Protocol which was approved by your Management Committee on 15/06/2022

Green Heron Environmental Protocol

Members of a progressive community cricket club should have an expectation that environmental issues are addressed in a responsible manner. It is unrealistic to interrogate the environmental merits of every transaction, but we should have awareness of environmental issues within our control and those relating to our sport. Regulatory compliance and cost considerations will continue to be relevant to all decisions, with recognition that sound environmental awareness, practice and reputation are likely to be considerations in the granting of future grants and securing sponsorship support. The Green Heron Forum has the full support of the W&SCC’s Management Committee, which will require regular progress updates including any proposal to turn the Green Heron Forum into a formal committee. In this event, full Terms of Reference, including authorities, will be considered and subject to MC approval. A 'Green Heron Forum' section will be set up on the club website with this protocol, notices and any relevant articles that club and forum members may wish to contribute, subject to the forum’s chair approval.

2. Meet the Team: The Forum consists of the following members with expertise in waste management, environmental compliance policies, horticulture etc. 

  • Scott Emmons (Chair) – is a Management Committee member with responsibility for the bar and social events as well as contributing to major ground buildings projects. Active in initiating the replacement of plastic bar glasses with glass drinkware at Overton Drive, he is ideally suited to driving the project forward. He will also invite
  • Christian Burgess, a high-profile professional footballer and club member with a keen interest in the environment, to join the Forum
  • Sanjay Prabhakar and his family have been club members for many years and currently three of his nephews/nieces are at the club. He has considerable knowledge of waste management and his family company (Sai Pac) imports into the UK plastic refuse sacks, which contain high recyclable content. Sanjay continues to pioneer environmentally beneficial products and was one of the first UK suppliers to promote fully compostable and reusable recyclable bags, which he sells to local authorities and large commercial organisations, including the main waste management companies. Sanjay’s industry knowledge is considerable, and we are fortunate to have his support to develop our Green Heron Forum. He has already made a start, with a review of our waste collection efficiency (how efficient is our sorting and what assurances do we have that our recycle waste does not go to landfill?)
  • Victoria ('Tor') Barrett-Mudhoo trained in environmental studies and for a number of years she has worked in environmental regulatory compliance. A long-term and highly committed club member, Tor is motivated to support the club and is well qualified to do so. She is happy to become involved in a wide range of environmental projects.
  • Ruth Martin, another long-term club member, is a horticulturist and interested in supporting the club’s green initiative. Her particular focus will be on the garden and biodiversity around the ground and car park at Overton Drive. Ruth is already engaged on a project to set up a biodiverse garden for the Overton children’s playgroup. She will advise the playgroup and help the children design, seed and nurture the garden. It is hoped that it will attract hedgehogs and diverse plants. Ruth may also have trainee students who will work on the project as part of their Duke of Edinburgh volunteering and skills awards. Three club members have offered to sponsor the cost of the project.
  •  Len Enoch, a Management Committee member, is acting coordinator, lending support for the establishment of project. He has worked in the waste management industry for 15 years.

3. Considerations in deciding on the Environmental Protocol

We recognised that establishing partnerships is an effective way to nurture and share ideas.  We have a number in mind including cooperation with the Forest Green Rovers football team who are leading the green narrative and a proposed partnership with a leading waste management company to trial water recycling efficiency. We have contacted our Overton Drive neighbours and landlord, suggesting a collaborative way forward. 

We also want to involve our members and utilise their ideas and experience wherever possible. Does anyone have practical experience in energy panel installation and funding? Please comment /respond by email to Scott (scott@rman.co.uk); your comments will be posted on the ‘Green Heron Discussion Forum’ a drop down of the ‘Green Heron’ web section.

The plan is to focus on environmental issues within our direct control; our Overton and Nutter Lane grounds and club houses: 

  • Surroundings, where we should seek plant biodiversity and ground maintenance.
  • Waste collection efficiency.
  • Heat, insulation, lighting, water usage and other environmental efficiency

- and issues not under our direct control, but which are cricket related. Examples include environmental efficiency comparisons of natural vs drop-in pitches and assessment of cricket equipment (lacquer on cricket balls, bowling machines. etc).

4. Hope you like the Green Heron logo? Thanks to Fred Apps, our resident artist.

Regards, Len Enoch (lgenoch43@gmail.com)