Wanstead and Snaresbrook Cricket Club - Juniors: Managers and Coaches

Juniors: Managers and Coaches



Jon Gritten, Head of Junior Cricket

Jon’s most pleasant surprise in life was discovering when he moved to Wanstead, fourteen years ago, that he lived on the doorstep of a fantastic cricket club. He’s been involved with the Juniors for almost ten years now and in his new role of Head of Junior Cricket says he just wants to help as many youngsters as possible, “play and enjoy our wonderful game.” He says that he particularly hopes to see the number of girls playing increase.

Jon loves to talk cricket, so please feel free to find him or contact him at jongritten@gmail.comif you have anything you need to discuss or if you’d like to get involved with supporting the Junior section in any way.  You can often find him at the club or send him an email at jongritten@gmail.com

The success of our club is based on our junior section whose success in turn is based on our wonderful coaches. They have a couple of things in common, their love of cricket and their willingness to volunteer their time to help our juniors develop and play the game they love. We are always looking for more volunteers so please do have a word with Jon if you can give up some time. 

Junior Coaches

A big shout out to all our junior coaches who are an indispensable part of our coaching team, providing great role models for our younger players.  Many of the the team here showing off their 2019 Lady Taverners medals, are present every week on a Friday, developing their own leadership skills while coaching the younger girls.

   Len Enoch, Coach!

Len thanks his 9 year old son, SImon, for introducing him to Wanstead CC in 1993.  Well, I think we probably all owe a debt of gratitude to Simon!  There’s not much Len doesn’t know about cricket or about how to persuade others to get involved - just ask any of our coaches!

Although Len will be found doing any task, what he loves most is coaching and his enthusiasm, energy and expertise has rubbed off on hundreds of juniors at the club over the years. Cricket has given Len many great memories including captaining Courtney Walsh. But it was seeing Wanstead, as National Champions, defeat the MCC at Lords with nine members of the Wanstead team having graduated through the junior set up, he describes as one of his proudest moments.  

Chris Powell - Girls' coach

Chris has been at the club for five years now and qualified as an ECB Level 2 Coach 30 months ago.  Although Chris has played in the Minor Counties Championship the undoubted highlight of his cricket career is scoring a few runs for the Slow Coaches.

Chris follows Essex and greatly admires Goochie.

  Neil Springett, U9s

Neil and his sons have been involved at Wanstead since 2016 and started helping out with the coaching in 2020. Like many of us, Neil says he loves the ‘atmosphere at the club’. He’s enjoying his new coaching role and says, “I’m hoping to be a better coach than I was a player!”  and therefore claims his coaching motto will be “Do as I say, not as I do!”
  Peter May, U9s

Peter modestly claims, “A limited cricketing pedigree despite the name!” With that name Peter of course is a Surrey & England fan and says he loves a nail-biting finish to a test.

Pete’s two children are junior members and as a family, love spending their weekends supporting and relaxing at the club. Pete coaches the U9s and 10s and enjoys working with the other great coaches at the club to bring through the ‘beginners’.

  Jim Croker, U11s

Although he’d like to think he looks far too youthful, Jim has been at the club for 15 years or so. He’s a west country boy, so it’s no surprise he follows the fortune of Somerset and idolised IT Botham as a boy. He states that no cricket tea is complete without a fruit scone (Jim adds, ‘with cream then jam - obvs’).

Cricket lookylikey: Jack Leach


Samran Saleem, U12s

Samran joined around 5 years back because he felt that he was, “bringing my kids to a club which I knew had a wonderful nurturing setup, one where they would thrive and continue to excel in the sport they loved.”

Samran started coaching a couple of years back when he was “roped in by Len” (weren’t we all) but says “I have not looked back!” adding, “I may be a bit old fashioned, but I still believe playing in the “V” is the way to go!” 


Simon Osborn, U12s

Simon joined the club in 1999 as a junior and went on to captain the club’s fifth XI for 10 years before moving in to help with coaching. Simon’s first cricketing hero was Shane Warne and he has two bits of advice for any young captain: the first is to put the fielders where you think the ball will go secondly, do whatever the opposition want least.


Carl Lewis, U13s Manager

Carl has been a family member for 8 years now and has been coaching this year’s U12 for three years. His favourite team is his beloved West Indies and although he says he models his game on the mighty Chis Gayle(!) most admires Sir Viv.

Carl’s coaching philosophy is “primarily for the children to enjoy the game and develop their skills no matter what their level is. Keeping their love for cricket is so important in order to keep them playing into adulthood.”


Atiq Nazir, U14s Manager
Atiq joined the club in 2015 so his son and daughter could fulfil their passion and six years later says that ‘The club has been a joy for the whole family!’ Atiq started managing and coaching the u10’s in 2018.  Both Atiq and his team are very committed to their cricket, you’ll always find them practising. Maybe that’s the reason why they’ve won a number of trophies and are looking forward to the nationals this year. Good luck in that Atiq.

Atiq also led a junior tour to Oman a couple of years ago which he says was an amazing and memorable experience and one he is very proud of.


Phil Smith, U15s Manager

Phil has been involved with Wanstead CC for 7 years, managing and coaching this year’s U14s since they were the U10s. Phil is a keen believer in the ‘spirit of cricket’ - “The way we play, represent Wanstead CC and carry ourselves is more important than any result.” He adds that he believes, “when children are young, participation and equal opportunities outweigh results.”


Although Phil loved the era of Botham and the great West Indian team and also loved watching Flintoff and Harmison the truth is he will, “Happily watch any cricket, at any level, at any time.” We’re with you there Phil!


Ash Patel,  U16s Manager

Ash has been at the club since 2011/12 when his son Zaid attended Dave’s Monday sessions. “Len and Dave weaved their magic spell and abracadara I became a qualified coach!”. 

Ash says that his philosophy as a coach is, “to try and give every young person the best chance possible to develop and play.


Suminda Balage Don, U19s Manager

Suminda has been managing and coaching teams and individuals at Wanstead since 2012.  However, he says that he’s always looking to improve as a coach and says that, “there’s always something new to learn.”  That attitude helped Suminda gain his Level 3 ECB Advanced Coach qualification last September.

Suminda is a great technician as a coach, if you need a flaw ‘ironing out’ he’ll be able to help you. But he says that’s only part of the game, “there’s no point in great technique if you are not fit and most importantly you need to know how to ‘manage a game’.” He sees part of his role as creating an atmosphere where the team and individuals can, “stay calm and perform under pressure.”


Mital Patel, Coach

There’s no question that Mital is a dedicated cricketer.  I don’t know, but I’m guessing he first played cricket as soon as he could hold a bat. What I do know is that he has significant experience as a player, qualified coach and umpire in both India and England.


For the last 10 years, Mital has been helping to develop many of our aspiring cricketers at Wanstead and while not coaching, managing or umpiring finds just a little more time to do some scoring!  And just like the rest of us says that ‘ I can’t wait for season 2021 to start’.